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Tuesday 2nd October - South Africa - Kruger (Day 2)
We saw a rhino, we saw a rhino, we saw a rhino!!! Thats the big news for today.

We packed up early this morning and set off before 7am, driving in a loop from the campsite. We saw the rhino after about half an hour he just walked over towards us and ambled across the road in front of the car. We were all very excited to see him big, grey, armoured vehicle that he was.

We also saw a herd of elephants on our way back to the campsite, but the rhino stole the show for us.

Kruger has a good system of reporting game sightings. There are two big maps (one for today and one for yesterday) on noticeboards in the Lower Sabie reception area. Different coloured pins on the maps show where different types of animals have been spotted. Keziah and Naomi were very interested in the maps and eagerly updated them, pinpointing the game that wed spotted.

After that the girls entertained themselves by hand-washing their dollies clothes and hanging them up to dry. (What domestic goddesses they are must have got that from their father!).

We went on an afternoon game drive and saw another 3 rhinos and then some lions tucking into their dinner. Time flies when youre on a game drive and we got back to Lower Sabie just minutes before they closed the gates.

Camping next to us is a very friendly South African couple Juanita and Braam. They invited us over to their caravan for a braai (South African bbq) this evening.
We had a lovely meal and a very pleasant evening with them. They are true South Africans Braams ancestors fled France at the time of the revolution, 9 generations ago! The girls loved the attention of a stand-in Granny for an evening. Juanita and Braam have 5 grandchildren, with a 6th on the way, so theyre used to the requirements of little people. Thanks, Juanita and Braam for making us feel so welcome. Well make use of your travel recommendations.

Right beside our tent in Kruger there is a tree with a little, yellow weaver bird busying about it. Weve seen many weaver birds over recent weeks and weve heard a lot about them from people. Over the last couple of days its been fascinating to watch our feathery neighbour as he creates his own Grand Design a basket weave house made of grass and suspended from a twig. Male weaver birds make these beautiful little works of art and then the female comes along to see if she likes it. If the nest isnt up to madams standards she promptly pecks it down from the tree. You often see a large number of rejected nests crashed on the ground under trees. Poor little Mr Weaver Bird you cant help but feel sorry for him as he frantically works away for days and days. When we arrived in Kruger the nest was only just beginning and it now seems nearly complete. Its been amazing to see the nest being built we just hope it gets approval from his lady-friend.

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