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Wednesday 3rd October - South Africa - Kruger to Swaziland - Mbuluzi
We didnt see much leaving Kruger today, but we didnt have long in the park as our aim today was to drive to Swaziland. We enjoyed Kruger and if you are looking for a comfortable, easy safari with all the comforts of home it is certainly a very good place to go.

It didnt take long to get to Swaziland and the border crossing was swift. In Swaziland we drove on good, tar roads past big farms growing sugar-cane in huge fields. It seemed well-organised and well cultivated. We picked up some tourist information magazines and were impressed with what is on offer in Swaziland. It is only a small country and we plan only to stay for a single night but there are lots of activities for tourists and it would be possible to stay for a lot longer.

The girls beginning to whine was our signal to stop somewhere for the night. We stopped at the next place that had a decent looking sign Mbuluzi Game Reserve. Mbuluzi is a small game reserve that has antelopes, crocodiles, hippos and a few leopards. We could have camped for the night at Mbuluzi, but when we saw the cottage we decided to stay there instead. It is really beautiful and homely. The drive to the cottage took us through a quiet, dark forest either peaceful or eerie, depending on your frame of mind. It certainly wouldnt be advisable to watch the Blair Witch Project before a night in Mbuluzi, but we love it.

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