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Thursday 11th October - South Africa - Ladybrand
Theres a man called Johnny who runs a garage in Winterton, the imaginatively named Johnnys Garage. After days of wondering what was causing the cars steering shudder, Johnny diagnosed it in less than 5 minutes. The suspension arm castors are worn and need to be replaced. Well need to get the castors at a Toyota dealership somewhere, but its not an urgent problem, the car will still drive OK until then. The shudder is particularly noticeable in the wet (which explains why weve noticed the problem over the last few days). We were relieved to get an explanation and to be reassured that the wheel wasnt about to fall off or something.

Weve really enjoyed staying at Inkosana Lodge. It is a very mellow, peaceful place and we would happily stay longer, but today we checked out. Following the recommendations of a number of people, we chose to drive north, around Lesotho. Today was still overcast, so we didnt have crystal clear views, but the scenery was stunning. Golden Gate National Park is a very dramatic area to the North of Lesotho. The road winds through a narrow valley between peaks and towers of golden coloured rock. As Keziah said when we were driving through the park, God did a good job, did he Mummy?

We stopped at the pretty village of Clarens for lunch and a playpark and then drove on through more rain showers to Ladybrand. We booked into a B&B for the night Cranberry Cottage. Accommodation standards in South Africa have been very, very good so far and Cranberry Cottage is no exception.

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