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Saturday 13th October - South Africa - Port Elizabeth
The drive from Queenstown to Grahamstown took us through some more beautiful scenery, driving through the Maluti mountains. It was real big sky country mountains to our side and in front of us big, open plains with a long, straight ribbon of road disappearing into the distance.

We stopped in Grahamstown and found that it didnt have a playpark. (How outrageous!) In the absence of a playpark, the next best thing is a group of other kids to play with, so we chose to lunch next to another couple of families. All the children played together happily on the restaurant floor.

Soon after Grahamstown we saw our first Cape Town sign an exciting moment.
In Port Elizabeth we made our way to Pine Lodge, a few kilometres south of the town and set up camp in the busy campsite there. Port Elizabeth seems like an attractive town with long, beautiful beaches and a touristy esplanade with shops, restaurants and entertainment areas.

England played France at rugby this evening so obviously we were keen to watch that. The bar at Pine Lodge has satellite TV, but it is quite a distance from our campspot, our girls are usually in bed by 7.30pm and the rugby didnt start until 9.00pm so we foresaw a problem there. Our problem was solved by two characteristics we have come to expect of South Africans they are very organised and they are very hospitable. A group of South Africans were camping along from us to celebrate a birthday. Being organised and it being a rugby weekend, they came to the campsite with their TV and portable satellite dish. Being hospitable, they welcomed us in to gatecrash their party and so we pulled up a seat and watched the match. By the end of the evening we had an invitation of a house to stay at in Cape Town and a long list of recommendations for the rest of our trip. Thank you very much everybody. Well be rooting for you on Saturday night!

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