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Sunday 14th October - South Africa - Port Elizabeth (Day 2)
It was really windy today. Sunny, bright but very gusty. We spent most of today just having a quiet time around the campsite, using the internet access to update the website and reply to some emails, playing with the children, doing some laundry that sort of thing.

In the evening we ate at The Island the restaurant at Pine Lodge. The manager was great fun with the children and they loved the attention. A musician sang and played guitar in the bar, so the girls sat down on the floor and listened. While we ate, the bar and restaurant were being set up for this evenings all-important rugby match between South Africa and Argentina. A few guests started to trickle in, booking vantage points from where to view the big-screen. One guest was Chris Wakeham a Welshman whos been living in South Africa for over 30 years. We got chatting to him and enjoyed his company. Our organised and hospitable, South African, rugby-loving fellow-campers left this morning and so we werent sure how we were going to see the rugby match tonight. When Chris heard of our predicament he immediately offered us his room at the resort, complete with DSTV. Another example of fine, South African friendliness, or fine Welsh friendliness or perhaps a happy mixture of both.

We took Chriss keys, put the children to bed in his room and watched the match. When the rugby was finished we moved the girls back to the tent and returned the keys to Chris. Thank you again!

Last night the campsite was almost full with other campers, but tonight we are the only campers here. Most of the others were from South Africa so I suppose they have jobs to go to on a Monday morning, poor things.

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