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Thursday 18th October - South Africa - Hermanus
A momentous day. Today we reached Cape Agulhas, the most southerly tip of Africa oh, and have I mentioned that we drove here, from Scotland?

It only took about an hour to drive from Swellendam to Agulhas. The cape is referred to as the graveyard of ships and is a barren, beautiful and windswept place suitably atmospheric for the tip of a great continent. I didnt quite start blubbing, but it was an emotional moment - scanning our minds over the last six months or so and recalling all that weve seen and experienced. The trip is not finished yet. Were keeping the Cape of Good Hope for when my parents, uncle and aunt are with us - but this is the furthest from home that we get.

We marked this point in the journey as we do any rocky seashore that we ever visit by clambering down to a rockpool and throwing stones into it. I dont know what age children are when they finally tire of this simplest and most engrossing of games but our kids would happily throw stones into rockpools for hours.

After lunch in Agulhas we drove along the coast to Hermanus the best place in the world for land-based whale watching. The sea was choppy and the wind strong today, so we didnt take a boat trip to see the whales, instead we observed them from the shore. It was amazing. It didnt take long to spot the spurts of water from the whales and we saw tails and massive bodies breaking the surface really very close to the shore. We think well probably come back to Hermanus from Cape Town later in the holiday and perhaps take a boat trip then.

Tonight is the last night that well be sleeping in our tent and so we were keen to find a good campsite. Hermanus has lots of lovely accommodation, but a surprising lack of decent camping (either that or we just didnt find it). We ended up in the laughably misnamed Paradise Park. The park has definitely seen better days. Most people at the park are obviously resident here and most of them drive cars that look like theyve been resurrected from scrapyards. We would like to sell our car here in South Africa if possible and so we now have signs on the side of the car saying For Sale R210,000. Roughly translated into the local lingo of Paradise Park, these signs say We are worth robbing. The receptionist at the campsite did reassure us that the site has security. Were just not sure what sort of security. Prisons have security too (only its designed to keep people in rather than out).

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