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Friday 19th October - South Africa - Cape Town
Well, we and the car survived the night fully intact.

Since leaving home we have packed the sleeping bags in with the rooftop tent, but this morning we took the sleeping bags out of the tent since were not sleeping in the tent anymore. The tent has been a very comfortable place to sleep over the past few months. When weve had visitors with us, the tent has been roomy enough to accommodate 3 adults and 2 kids comfortably (I think our visitors would agree?). The girls have got to feel quite at home in it and I think well all miss it.

After breakfast we drove towards Cape Town following the scenic, less direct coast road. In this part of South Africa the mountains are bare and rocky and close to the sea with its long sandy bays and rocky outcrops once again its spectacular.

We stopped at Bettys Bay and visited the nature reserve where there is a colony of penguins. A long boardwalk stretches out to the point where hundreds of penguins gather. The girls were very interested and excited to see these comical little waddling birds. We were surprised how close we got to the penguins. Keziah and Naomi have become very interested in animals, insects and birds on this holiday. On days like today its really lovely for us to see their enthusiasm for nature.

Continuing round the beautiful coast we got our first view of the Cape of Good Hope. We just cant believe that we are so close to the end of our trip after so long journeying and, before that, so long preparing for the journey. As we neared Cape Town we saw Table Mountain for the first time another landmark and milestone.

Last weekend in Port Elizabeth we watched rugby with a group of South Africans. One couple from the group invited us to make use of their apartment in Cape Town for this weekend. Before the end of the year they plan to move from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town as a family, but for now only the mum, Anoinette, is working in Cape Town during the week, returning to Port Elizabeth at weekends. This means that her Cape Town apartment is vacant at weekends and so she offered it to us and we accepted!

The apartment is close to Canal Walk, the biggest mall in South Africa. Its in a very attractive, modern complex with garden areas, playpark, gym, swimming pools (inside and out). The apartment itself is beautiful, with every convenience weve been used to living without. A short walk via bridges over the canal takes you to the mall with its fantastic play area, numerous shops, cafes, cinemas, restaurants etc. etc. Well stay here for 3 nights, until Monday morning.

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