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Tuesday 23rd October - South Africa - Cape Town (Day 5-6)
On the Monday and Tuesday nights of this week we stayed at an excellent Backpackers Lodge called The Backpack. Its centrally located, clean and well run with helpful, friendly staff and good food.

We spent our days switching schizophrenically between being tourists and being to-do-list slaves.

The tourist part was satisfied by a visit to the Cape Town Aquarium and the V&A Waterfront. The Aquarium was a good place to visit interesting for both adults and kids. We enjoyed watching the rays and big sharks swimming around on the other side of the glass. The V&A Waterfront is very attractive. The open air restaurants, wooden buildings and boats reminded me of Scandinavian waterfront areas.

I like lists. I am particularly fond of lists written on little scraps of paper like the back of receipts or old envelopes. I think Andrew secretly likes lists too. Over the last couple of days we have validated our lives by writing Grocery shopping, Car hire, Post travel health check, Car shipping, Whales-trip booking, Robben Island trip booking, Collect villa keys, Get Land Cruiser front suspension arm casters fixed on a scrap of paper and then striking each of them off one by one. Weve had a busy couple of days.

With 4 family members joining us for the final week of the holiday, we need a hire car. We arranged for a car to be dropped off at The Backpack on the Wednesday morning. The car arrived, we signed the documents, we were shown round the vehicle, the car hire employee thanked us and left with the car keys in his pocket. Doh! It took about an hour for him to return with the keys and a very sorry expression on his face. Never mind. Were in Africa, were a lot more chilled about delays than we would be back home.

We visited a doctor to have a chat about post-travel health checks. He seemed to think we were all fine and healthy. In the same corridor as the doctor there was a shipping service company, so we stopped to speak to them about a quote for shipping the Land Cruiser home. The next door along the corridor was for a marriage guidance counsellor. All we needed was a child psychologist to be the next door and we would have the complete, post-travel service in one corridor. (In the end we didnt use the shipping company, opting for Maersk instead and we didnt use the marriage guidance either!).

The biggest event of Wednesday was going to the airport to collect my folks and Uncle Hughie and Auntie Mary. It was very exciting to be standing at the airport barrier looking out for familiar faces on the other side. There were lots of hugs, lots of smiles, lots of kisses, a few shrieks of excitement and a few tears.

Hughie, Mary, Mum and Dad have been on a safari for the last week so after meeting them we spoke and spoke about their holiday and our holidays. Were all looking forward to the next week together.

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