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Friday 6th April - Scotland - Cape Wrath
Our journey officially started today from Cape Wrath. Our trip to Cape Wrath was quite an experience. The scenery was amazing, the weather was ideal, the girls were happy . and the pier was only half built. We had known in advance that there was ongoing work on the pier, but we didnt quite realise just how much work! Anyway we made it there and back, thanks very much to Marty and the others for their help.
Cape Wrath is beautiful, the lighthouse is in a wonderful setting at the end of a 12-mile drive over open moorland. The cliffs, waves and beaches were dramatic and remote, making us realise once again what a great country Scotland is. A good thing to be reminded of before leaving.

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2CAPES2KIDS - Long Distance Charity Expedition from Cape Wrath to Cape of Good Hope