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Sunday 15th April - Italy - Mondovi
We are finding that we are slipping into a new routine which is a good thing as any of you who have kids will know. The girls are getting used to being in the car for extended periods of time. We have planned our journey through Europe so that we travel for about 3 hours a day. Naomi sleeps for a couple of hours in the car most days, Keziah only sometimes sleeps and normally only for about an hour. The rest of the time in the car they sing along to music, eat snacks, play with their dollies or even throw a ball back and fore. Weve got movies that they can watch using the pc, but they havent been as keen to do that as wed expected. Yes, there have been whiney-times, but generally theyve been really good in the car. At campsites the girls enjoy the space and run around for most of the evening. Weve taken some toys which they have played with playdoh, musical instruments, toy cars and of-course baby dolls and buggies.

Andrew and I are also getting into the way of unpacking and packing, cooking and cleaning. Everything seems easier once youve done it a few times and got used to new routines.

Anyhow today we travelled into Italy via the Tunnel de Frejus. We found our campsite easily but then decided to go and get some provisions for dinner. We drove into the nearby village of Mondovi and tried to find a supermarket big mistake! There was some big fiesta on in Mondovi and it was impossible to move for traffic, let alone park. The Landcruiser is a big beast to manoeuvre in narrow streets where everyone is double-parked. We finally made it out of Mondovi and headed back to the campsite only to find a little shop with all we needed at the site.

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