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Sunday 22nd April - Italy - Rome (Day 2)
A day exploring Rome. There is a shuttle bus from the campsite to the train station (5 minutes), then a train journey (20 minutes). We had hoped to catch an open-top bus like we did in Florence, but we couldnt find any information about it so instead we hired a 4-wheeled bike that had a back row for the 2 cyclists and 2 child seats up-front. It was ideal for us the girls loved it and we enjoyed it too. Cycling in Rome was a bit hairy at times, especially doing u-turns (we survived 2 u-turns on a major road), cycling the wrong way down a one-way street (seemed like a good shortcut at the time) and negotiating our way through pedestrian-only zones (with 2 cute little girls at the front smiling and waving at people you can get away with a lot).

On the bike we visited the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps (no, we didnt cycle up/down them). We then returned the bike and took a taxi to the Colloseum. Naomi fell asleep immediately after the bike and so she missed the Colloseum completely. Keziah missed it completely too because although she was awake she was too engrossed feeding the pigeons. Pigeons are great entertainment for the kids either feeding them or chasing them.

It was all amazing. Rome is incredible. Buildings that dont even make it into the guide books would be the number 1 site if they were in any other city. I think the Pantheon was the thing we liked the best out of what we saw today. It is so ancient (27 B.C.) and so impressive. The girls also really liked the street entertainers mime artists, bands, a man playing music on glasses with different levels of water in them.

Were going to go into Rome again tomorrow to visit the Vatican.

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