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Monday 23rd April - Italy - Rome (Day 3)
Shuttle bus, train, taxi to St Peters Square this morning. The square itself is amazing and thats even before you get into the Basilica.

I cant describe the Basilica. Its like the biggest, fanciest cathedral you can imagine - on steroids. There isnt a plain space on any surface in the whole building. It is awesome, but there is a crazy irony about it. Nuns walk about it dressed in modest clothes made of peasant-like cloth I couldnt help but think they could all have been dressed in Prada for the cost of one of the frescoes.

Naomi slept, we had a (very expensive) cappuccino and then we joined the queue for the Sistine Chapel and Vatican museums. We planned just to go to the Chapel because we thought the museums would really push the girls patience too far. However, if there is a shortcut immediately to the Sistine Chapel we missed it and we found ourselves in this strange groundhog-day-like maze of galleries showing tapestries, sculptures, paintings In one of these galleries Naomi looked up at the elaborate frescoes on the ceiling and said Wow! Keh-yah thats lovely, well done!. Its nice to have a high opinion of your familys talents.

We kept seeing signs for the Sistine Chapel and then eventually we came to a sign saying Salle 13-56, Sistine Chapel. What?! Another 43 rooms of stuff before the chapel?! Theres only so much a 2 and 4 year old can take. Actually, they were very good about it all and the Sistine Chapel was wonderful. The paintings are incredible. It was very striking just how many people were there, hundreds and hundreds and this was just another ordinary day, not a special festival or anything.

A final thought about the chapel. If ever you are feeling that people dont appreciate you enough then spare a thought for the poor bloke who laid the floor in the Sistine chapel.

Next stop was for a quick coffee and snack at the Vatican Museum cafe (very good value for money by the way). Next to our table at the cafe was a window overlooking a garden and as we took our seats, Keziah said excitedly Look! Mummy a garden!. I thought that was pretty cool. After all the artistry we had seen that day, nothing can beat nature the work of the master craftsman.

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