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Thursday 26th April - Italy - Paestum (Day 3)
It rained today! In fact it was a very showery day with thunder clumps rumbling throughout the day. The first rain of our holiday.
Despite that we barely left the campsite/beach/playpark and we had a happy day. The girls played with their toys a lot today either under the awning or in the open air depending on whether it was raining or not. At one point we had a little band Andrew on the chanter accompanied by Naomi on the drum and Keziah on the xylophone. We took a variety of musical instruments for the girls and it was very cute, if not tuneful, to see them concentrating so hard on playing. (Well, the girls were cute, but not very tuneful and Andrew was tuneful, but not very cute).

We havent really explored Paestum during our stay. There are some very posh hotels here very grand and opulent looking. On the other hand, if you just look over the wall from these posh areas there is lots of rubbish lying about. In Rome and again here in Paestum there is a lot of graffiti, more than there was further north.

We enjoyed our time at Camping Athena, although it would have been better still if wed had better weather. The Germans obviously have good taste.

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