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Saturday 28th April - Italy - Bari to Greece - Patras
The hotel had an indoor swimming pool so that was where we spent the first couple of hours of today.

After that we set off in search of the playpark that the hotel porter had directed us to. No playpark will ever match this one. It had about 6 bouncy castles, trampolines, merry-go-round, numerous slides, tunnels, see-saws, wendy houses, ride-on cars. The kids just ran from one thing to the next, not knowing what to do next. The only bad thing about it was that there was nowhere to buy cappuccinos.

We left the playpark about 1.30 and went to a nearby green, public park area. We ended up spending the whole afternoon there. It wasnt at all touristy this is where locals spend sunny afternoons. We had a picnic on the grass and then Naomi fell asleep on the picnic rug. There was a nice atmosphere at the park a guy practising juggling, a couple playing a guitar and tambourine, people playing basketball/football/volleyball, a woman dancing with ribbons, lots of people just sunbathing or relaxing with their kids.

Bari apparently has some interesting historical sites but we enjoyed just having an afternoon in a park and not being tourists.

Before long it was time to pack up and go to the boat for our sailing to Patras. Goodbye Italy!

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