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Sunday 29th April - Greece - Patras to Korinth
We arrived in Patras in the late morning and set off to Korinth. Here are a few immediate impressions about Greece.

The sea is an incredible shade of greeny-blue.
The landscape is mountainous on all sides more so than I expected.
Lots of people ride motorcycles without helmets.
The Greek script is so different to our writing.

The road from Patra to Korinth was pretty good, with sections of dual carriageway and sections of almost-dual-carriageway. Almost-dual-carriageway makes for some interesting driving. On each side of the central line there are 1.5 lanes, a full lane on the inside of the road and a half-lane on the outside. The half-lane is meant as a hard-shoulder. In reality everyone drives along using the hard-shoulder and half of the main lane. The other half of the main lane is used for overtaking. This means that everyone, regardless of their direction of travel, overtakes while straddling the centre line of the road. I dont know if Ive described that clearly enough but we chose not to overtake very often!

Anyway, we continued on to the Blue Dolphin campsite on the outskirts of Korinth. Its a nice little campsite beside the sea with a little, pebbly beach. A happy afternoon was spent throwing stones into the sea, paddling, playing in the sand and the playpark, playing football with the girls.

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