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Monday 30th April - Greece - Athens
Monday 30th April - We had planned to drive to Athens today and spend today and part of tomorrow visiting the sites there. However, last night we got speaking to a Dutch couple who have spent the last 2 months travelling in Greece and their advice was to give Athens a wide berth. We had heard from others that Athens was a crowded, polluted place but they emphasised this and recommended that we avoid it.

We got up as planned and drove to Athens, thinking that we would check out a couple of campsites and then decide what to do. As we drove, we came up with the idea of going to Rhodes a day early instead of visiting Athens. A quick call to the ferry company and a 10 minute visit to their office at the port and it was all sorted, without any additional fee. The lack of bureaucracy is refreshing for anyone who comes from the UK!

We spent the rest of the day in cafes and playparks before boarding the boat.

This is the girls third night on a ferry since we left home. They are getting used to it and they enjoy it. Tonight we had our first taste of Greek gyros like a doner kebab thing. The girls loved it and stuffed themselves with it. If they like kebabs they should be OK for Greece and Turkey.

One final thing theres a kids play area on these ferries which is meant for small children. This evening, three bigger boys were being very rough, throwing balls in the ball-pit. There were several smaller kids wanting to play but they were put-off by the big boys. Of-course, being my mothers daughter, I had to intervene and tell them off for their unacceptable behaviour. I am used to being listened to in these type of circumstances, but it didnt work nearly so well across the English-Greek language barrier.

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