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Tuesday 1st May - Greece - Rhodes (1st - 11th May)
Im just putting a single diary entry in for this section of our holiday. We are in Rhodes for 10 days with Andrews parents and brother Derek. Im writing this on Sunday 6th.

We have a villa with a pool in Kiotara and we are being very lazy sunbathing, swimming, visiting beaches

The girls are very happy to have Grannie, Grandpa and Uncle Derek here. Its been lots of fun just relaxing together.

The weather so far has been wonderful.

We have managed to do a few things that we had promised to sort in Rhodes cleaning the car, sorting out a heap of stuff that can go home with Billy and Eileen, planning our itinerary in Turkey, treating Naomis cradle-cap., but most of the time we have been busy doing nothing.

Beats work.

(Last few diary entries updated via BGAN - blinking expensive but a lot faster then the local internet cafe!)

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