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Friday 11th May - Greece - Rhodes to Turkey - Marmaris
10 days in Rhodes went past very quickly and it was soon time to pack up and head for Rhodes town to catch our ferry to Turkey. We had mixed feelings about this on the one hand we were beginning to get itchy feet and were keen to get back on the move again, but on the other hand we felt a bit sad saying Goodbye! to family.

Billy, Eileen and Derek drove up to Rhodes town with us to see us off. The ferry was very small with only one other vehicle on it. It took us a couple of hours to get through customs at the port lots of checking and re-checking the cars paperwork. Andrew dealt with the customs people while I entertained the kids.

The timing of the sailing was Maybe in 2 hours Perhaps in half an hour. About 2pm. About 5pm. Very soon. Now! Now! Quick! You are only one person in the car? To which Andrew quickly replied No theres 4 of us! and then shouted us to hurry on to the boat. That was good of him I thought very tempting just to say Em, yes just me. Quick kisses and hugs to family and then we were off. We left Rhodes about 3pm and the crossing took about 2 hours.

There wasnt much by way of entertainment for the children on-board, but we filled the time playing with toy cars and doing shuttle runs back and fore on the deck reminiscent of circuit training. The crew was very helpful and friendly and were happy to advise us where to visit in Turkey.

It took a little while to get through customs in Marmaris and so we decided just to find a hotel to spend the night rather than driving out of town in search of a campsite. Marmaris looked very attractive as we approached it from the sea, but once we drove into it we realised it was like a Turkish Blackpool. Lots of English pubs, restaurants selling shepherds pie and full English breakfasts, the beach crammed with sunloungers.

We booked into a hotel, had some dinner and went for a wander down the beachfront. It was strange to hear so many conversations in English.

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