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Saturday 12th May - Turkey - Kas
A couple of observations about Turkey so far: The people love children and are very physical about it. This struck us immediately, with the crew on the ferry boat picking up the girls and hugging them. In the hotel in Marmaris the girls were hugged almost every time we passed reception. Coming from the UK this seems really odd to us I suppose our heads are full of child protection issues and we (especially men) are very cautious about touching any child at all. I honestly dont think there is anything dubious at all in how the Turkish people have reacted to the kids, I just think they love children and are being warm and friendly. It is quite striking though.

The Turks we have spoken to so far are very definitely not Arabs. When we tell them that we are going to Syria and Jordan they say But that is an Arab country!. Its interesting to see firsthand the secular, Islamic state that Turkey is. We have heard dance music with colourful lyrics pumping out of clubs at the same time as the call to prayer is being blasted by loudspeaker from a nearby minaret. Two very different types of music!

Anyway today we drove from Marmaris to Kas, stopping in Kalkan for lunch. The coast is very beautiful with mountains plunging down to the turquoise sea. The hillsides are heavily forested, the roads are generally very good. Im sure we drove past many beautiful spots, but we just dont have the time to linger long in Turkey. Kalkan was a lovely spot a former fishing village, now a tourist town perched on the steep sides of a beautiful cove with a little pebbly beach.

Kas is another lovely town with a Marina, a pedestrianised market area and a good playpark. Just outside of the town there is a great little campsite on a rocky section of coast. We set up camp there for the night.

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