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Sunday 13th May - Turkey - Beldibi
We had a good nights sleep despite a very loud call to prayer at 4.30am. Well have to get used to it I suppose, as itll be a common theme for the next few weeks.

Driving from Kas the scenery is very beautiful. We drove up high over mountainous areas at some points today and at other times the road wound in and out following the edge of the coast. Driving down towards Kale the view is of a valley full of greenhouses there must be hundreds of huge poly-tunnels. If you ever see Made in Turkey on some fruit or veg theres a good chance that it came from here.

We stopped at Phaselis to go for a swim at the bay there. The bay looks gorgeous and is obviously a popular stopping off point for people on boat day-trips. There are no big hotels there because of the ruins just up from the bay. Naomi is yet to be convinced of the joys of swimming in the sea and spent most of the time saying I DONT like it!, but Keziah loves it and swam around giggling and grinning.

We stopped at a campsite at Beldibi, just north of Phaselis, about 25km south of Antalya. We just stumbled on the campsite and it was good, right on the edge of a pebbly beach. The views of the mountains behind the campsite are just beautiful. We dont know how high these mountains are but they seem very impressive.

The girls had lots of fun playing with a little boy at the campsite. They are getting a lot more bold when it comes to making friends they just head off with some of their toys in the hope that theyll find someone to play with. (Just to reassure worried grandparents, we do oversee this and we dont just wave goodbye to them!)

Being away from home and on the road makes it very difficult to find a church each Sunday. However, we uploaded a selection of sermons onto our iPod before leaving home and were slowly working our way through them. Thanks to Willie for his recommendations.

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