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Monday 14th May - Turkey - Kizilot
We are getting an idea of just how vast Turkey is. We are only seeing a little sliver of it as we drive along the coast.

Today we left camp at about 9.30 and drove on towards Alanya. We drove past Antalya without stopping and continued on to Side where we stopped for lunch and a wander. Side seems like a nice place with lots of touristy shops and restaurants, some lovely beaches and some big impressive ruins. I think we are still benefiting from being here slightly off-season as these towns are not as crowded as I imagine they would be in the height of summer.

Back in Kas the campsite owner had recommended another campsite north of Alanya so we decided to stop there. It took a little while to find it, but it was absolutely worth it. Its called Nostalgie campsite and is run by a Swiss woman. Its very small but is in a wonderful position, directly up from an absolutely gorgeous beach long, broad, golden sand
Everything is immaculate and very tastefully done, with a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach. All the campers here are either Dutch of German once again they have the right idea.

We spent the afternoon on the beach. The waves were too big for the children to swim, but they enjoyed paddling and building sandcastles and Andrew and I took turns swimming.

Today was Andrews birthday. Keziah was absolutely determined that we get a cake so this evening the girls and I went on a secret mission to get candles and a cake from the nearby supermarket. The girls picked flowers for Daddy and there was lots of secrecy surrounding the preparation of the cake and the flowers. Keziah took it all very seriously and was keen to ensure that Naomi didnt spoil anything. It was just a small cake, but I think Andrew only got a single bite of it most of it was gobbled by Naomi, with Keziah coming a close second.

Delicious meal at the restaurant tonight, although Naomi was high as a kite so it wasnt as relaxing as we would have liked!

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