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Tuesday 15th May - Turkey - Anamur
This morning we dragged ourselves away from Nostalgie Camping and set off for Anamur. For the first part of the day we drove through resort towns, with big hotels, but as we drove further the road narrowed, turned inland, and ascended up into the forest-covered mountains. We began to feel that we were moving out of tourist-Turkey.

The road on to Anamur was amazing, but not fast. The mountains in this part of Turkey drop straight down to the sea and for most of the way the road was right on the edge of the coast, albeit hundreds of metres above it. We were 350m+ above the sea, but could easily see the sea below us.

Anamur hasnt got much going for it. Its another town dominated by greenhouses. The first view of Anamur was a valley covered in polythene. There is a Crusaders castle on the coast which looks cool. Our campsite is a little out of town. It looks like it has seen better days, but its OK and the people are very friendly and helpful.

The weather was a bit more overcast today and there was even a light shower in the afternoon, but Andrew still swam at the little beach down from the campsite, whilst the rest of us played on the shore.

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