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Tuesday 22nd May - Syria - Damascus
A couple of frustrations to start the day.
We had sent out a big bag of laundry to be washed last night. It was returned first thing today smelling wonderfully fresh, clean and dry but. My turquoise t-shirt is now a couple of shades lighter and a lot of previously white things are now light turquoise. Everything was obviously boiled up together.
David Icke would be happy with us. Keziah is also happy as blue is her favourite colour. Look out for turquoise/light blue in future photos.

The second frustration was about a donkey. Its hot in Palmyra and the ruins are quite spread out so we thought it would be a smart idea to arrange a donkey to transport the two girls. We also planned to go round the ruins early to avoid the heat of the day so we booked a donkey to come to the campsite for 8am. The girls were excited by the prospect, although as they are avid fans of Shrek we stressed that this wouldnt be a talking donkey. Were still waiting for the creature to turn up. After many assurances of 5 minutes, maybe 9 oclock etc. etc. we gave up and went to the ruins for about 9.30.

The ruins are amazing. The temple of Bel (aka Baal) is the most complete section, but there is a whole town of ruins spread out over the plain. It would be possible to spend days exploring it, but we just spent a couple of hours. Very impressive we highly recommend it.

We did manage a little camel ride to make up for the girls disappointment at the no-show donkey. They both enjoyed it although Keziah said it was a bit scary going up and down. We got the camel ride for a good price I think this was mainly because I was grumpy about the missing donkey and so no-one was going to muck me about this morning.

Then we left Palmyra for Damascus. Again the road was good and fast. We had one big scare on the road the rooftop bag fell off and landed in the road behind us. The bag contained a heavy wolf-box filled with spares. Thankfully no damage was done to either our car or any other vehicle on the road and amazingly the contents of the bag are almost entirely intact. The bag itself suffered though and will require some work in Damascus.

We arrived in Damascus about 2.30ish and booked into a hotel right in the centre with parking for the car. The girls were keen to get to a playpark, so off we went. It was very hot in the playpark!

Tonight we had dinner in a restaurant just off the street called straight which is mentioned in Acts.

We plan to stay in Damascus for 2 nights.

BTW Naomis temperature seems back to normal. Weve been keeping a close eye on it and giving her medicine over the past 24 hours.

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