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Sunday 27th May - Jordan - Karak
When we visited Bethany, we met a Christian couple who were living in Jordan and they gave us contact details for a church in Madaba. This morning we found the church and joined them for morning worship.

Everything was in Arabic and we couldnt understand a word, but it was still nice to be there. People were very welcoming and a Dutch woman, Tonia, wrote sermon notes in English for us to read later (a Dutch person listening to Arabic and writing notes in English . once again our pitiful unilingual existence is put to shame!).

Afterwards we were invited to the pastors house for lunch. Jalil and Randa(sp?) have 6 children, but only one, Sarah, is still at home there is a sixteen year gap between their 5th and 6th! For lunch there was the 4 of us, the 3 of them, their grand-daughter Jude and their nephew David. Our two kids loved playing with the other children and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with them and learn more about their life and church in Jordan.

Their home is very warm and open. While we were there other friends and family popped in and out. The meal was delicious ouzie(sp?), a dish of savoury rice with chicken and yoghurt sauce, followed by melon and sweet pastries. We felt taken hostage by hospitality! They are a loving, optimistic, faithful couple and it was a privilege to meet them and visit their home. God bless you!

We finally dragged ourselves away at about 4pm. Within a very short time both girls were sleeping in the car. Keziah sleeps more often in the car now I think this is probably because of the heat. A little south of Madaba we crossed Wadi Mujib a deep canyon cutting through the mountainous countryside. It is very impressive. We drove on to Karak, arriving there about 5.30ish.

Karak is a small town dominated by a big crusaders castle. We booked into a hotel and went out for dinner to a restaurant opposite the castle plaza. Keziah and Naomi ended up playing with about ten local kids in the open plaza. The main attraction, for Keziah in particular, was the kids bikes and trikes. The children were very kind to our girls, pushing Naomi around in a tricycle and allowing Keziah to cycle around on a little bike with stabilisers.

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