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Monday 28th May - Jordan - Dana
This morning we visited Karak castle. Its not Crac de Chevaliers, but it is pretty cool. The girls particularly enjoyed the many tunnels in the castle. There is no end to the number of laughs you can have playing Boo! in castle tunnels!

After the castle we had an impromptu visit to the Visitors Centre not because we were in need of any information, but because the women working there wanted to coo over the girls. We were waiting outside for Andrew when two women came out saying Come here please! Yes, yes come here!. I obediently went over with the girls and the women scooped Naomi up smiling, saying Ooooh! and speaking excitedly together. We then went round many offices in the building and gate-crashed a meeting, just so that Naomi and Keziah could be presented to everyone. Many photos of the girls were taken on peoples mobile phones.

Because they are so often the focus of lots of attention, Naomi and Keziah have a wee routine now. It goes something like this:
Keziah: Im Keziah and thats Naomi.
Naomi: I two, Keyah four.
Keziah: Were from Scotland.

We left Karak, waving goodbye to our many new friends and set off for Dana, a nature reserve about an hours drive away.

Dana is 300 sq km of amazing scenery. If wed been there pre-kids, we would have spent a few days hiking around the reserve, but this time we spent one night at the reserve. We stayed at the Rumanna Camp an ecotourism project where you stay in a Bedouin camp in the reserve. Rumanna camps paradox is the huge cement factory and quarry which you drive past before reaching the eco-friendly visitor centre.

The camp is in a beautiful spot. Its hard to describe the landscape very rocky with strange, nobbly rock formations and deep gorges.

We hiked up to the top of a nearby hill to view the sunset. It was a short walk of about 40 minutes to the top. Most of the time the girls were on our shoulders, although Keziah walked a bit. We enjoyed spotting tiny, blue Palestinian humming birds and darting, nervy lizards of different shapes and sizes.

After returning to camp we ate a good dinner and then retired to our comfortable tent.

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