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Tuesday 29th May - Jordan - Wadi Musa
We all slept well and after breakfast we went on another short hike around the campsite. The girls enjoyed looking out for lizards and beatles.

Dana is a wonderful place and we were a little envious of other people who were heading off for 4 hour hikes ..

Just as we were about to leave, a TV crew turned up.
The friendly woman from the group said Hullo. We are from Jordan TV. You like Dana? You say Dana is beautiful? OK?
I said Umm. Yes. OK. What? Now?, while thinking Ive just slept in a tent, dragged a brush through my hair and gone on a hike with a 2 year old on my shoulders. What on earth do I look like?
Then the camera man said 3, 2, 1 and I said something about how much wed enjoyed Dana.

So, maybe our untidy little family will appear on Jordan TV, along with a warning saying Let this woman be a reminder of why Islam is correct to dictate that you should always wear a headscarf.

We drove on to Wadi Musa a drive of about 1 hour, with the girls sleeping all the way. We booked into a hotel for the night again. We are missing our rooftop tent but tomorrow night we should be back in it again. The hotel has a pool - so that was our afternoons entertainment sorted. Wadi Musa is where everyone goes to visit Petra so that is our plan for tomorrow.

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