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Sunday 10th June - Egypt - St Katherine's
Weve had a wonderful time in Dahab. It is a resort, but the independent traveller is still king here and big hotels are the exception rather than the rule.

Lots of places in Dahab feel like a work in progress. As you drive into the town its a bit off-putting to see so many half-built hotels. I suspect that in recent years theres been a downturn in tourism here and perhaps thats why some hotels havent been completed?

There were a few Bedouin girls (maybe aged about 8-12) who wandered around Dahab trying to sell trinkets. They could be quite persistent. We just said a firm No thank you and walked past. When we would meet these girls Naomi would say No, no thank you, no, no and wave her hand vigorously to illustrate what she meant, whereas Keziah would just silently observe them. It is an awkward thing to deal with. Sometimes some of the staff would shoo the girls away as if they were cats and, despite our lingering guilty feelings, we would be grateful for that. Hard to know what to do for the best.

Another thing thats noticeable in Dahab is the number of staff theres a high staff/customer ratio here. The explanation? We paid E

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