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Monday 11th June - Egypt - Cairo
Today we went up to St Katherines monastery. The area around the monastery is very dramatic the mountains appear as sheer rock. Mount Sinai, right beside the monastery, is where Moses was given the 10 commandments and the monastery is supposedly situated where Moses saw the burning bush. So the area has a lot going for it in terms of nature and Biblical history. We didnt feel that the monastery itself added much. However, after wed left St Katherines, we noticed in the Lonely Planet guide that the Well of Moses in the monastery is supposed to give marital happiness to all who drink from it . We missed our chance there!

It would have been great to climb Mount Sinai as many people do, but the early start (3am is recommended) and the long walk (about 2 hours) would have been too much for the girls, so we opted out.

We left St Katherines about lunchtime and headed to Suez. The drive was again very beautiful with dramatic, rocky mountain scenery, followed by the numerous palm trees of the Wadi Feiran oasis, then on to the Red Sea coast and North to Suez via the tunnel under the canal. It took us 3.5 hours or so to drive this section.

We found a hotel where the girls played in the playpark and we ate dinner, but the promise of a room available by 7pm didnt materialise and then we were told it might be available by midnight, so we decided just to drive on to Cairo.

We left Suez about 9pm and arrived at our hotel in Zamalek just after 11pm. We were very pleased with ourselves at our navigation through the streets in Cairo. The traffic at 10.30pm was as busy as rush hour traffic in any other city. We only made one little mistake, overshooting the junction that we should have taken for the hotels street.

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