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Tuesday 12th June - Egypt - Cairo (Day 2)
Andrew is getting a little irritated by officious Egyptians. There are many examples, but let me give you a couple:-

Parking the car. We park the car in a suitable spot, put the sun-screen up on the windscreen, get the girls out of the back of the car and lock the car. Then some security guard says No, you cant park the car there, you must park it there pointing to some spot a few yards away. There is no apparent reason why this must be done and you get the impression that they just ask you to move the car because they can.

Breakfast. Tea is free with breakfast, Nescafe coffee is not. We get breakfast for 4 people, so we can get 4 cups of tea for nothing. The girls dont drink tea and we would prefer coffee but 2 cups of coffee entails an additional fee.

On a happier note, today we met Steven Blanche, our friend from back home. It was great to see him. Steven can speak Arabic and lived in Cairo for a couple of years so it is a real boon to have some local knowledge.

We did a bit of shopping today and visited Macdonalds, where the girls got their faces painted.

For the first time in the trip we enlisted the help of Ciprofloxacin the trusted antibiotic friend of all travellers. Andrews tummy was very unsettled for about an hour this evening and we all feared the worst. Cip appears to have done the trick.

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