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Wednesday 13th June - Egypt - Cairo (Day 3)
Andrews tummy seems a lot better and none of the rest of us have been struck down . yet.

Taxi journeys in Cairo can be very exciting. Last night we were driven through the city at break-neck speed, screeching to a halt wherever there were queues of stationary traffic and swerving back and fore wherever the traffic was moving. I felt that I was in a car-chase scene from a movie and it reminded Andrew of nephew Colins computer games. The big difference is that this is for real.

Today we visited the British embassy to get a letter of recommendation the first step towards our Sudanese visa. It didnt take long to get. We then visited a mall to get more shopping and to allow the girls to play at the soft play area. Despite the fact that both girls were clean at the start of the day, they looked like a couple of tinker kids by lunchtime, 2 and 4 year olds are difficult to keep clean at the best of times, but there is a general grime about big, hot cities that makes it impossible.

We are struck at how often Egyptians mention God in their everyday conversation. We noticed it in earlier Arabic countries too. People speak to us about the girls and then very kindly say Thank God or May God protect them. Everything is Inshallah if God wills. I suppose that ties in with the earlier description of taxi journeys!

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