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Thursday 14th June - Egypt - Cairo (Day 4)
Cairo is huge. Steven informs us that it is 60 miles across and has a population of around 20 million. We have been in several cities during this trip, but Cairo certainly seems much bigger than the others. Taxi journeys between places that on the map appear relatively close can easily take 40 minutes or an hour.

The Nile also is huge. We obviously knew that the Nile was a big river flowing through Cairo, but it still took us by surprise to see such a huge volume of water after driving through arid landscapes for so long.

When we woke up this morning, I said to Keziah Were going to the Pyramids today! to which she replied Does it have a play area? Mmmm different perspectives!
We werent sure of the answer to Keziahs question, but nevertheless we met Steven downtown and took a taxi to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. They are so impressive and ancient thousands of years worth of tourists have visited them as we did today. Out of all these visits, ours must have been one of the briefest! Naomi woke from her daytime nap just before we arrived at the Pyramids and she was hot, clingy and not her usual self. Because of this we went round the site in about 45 minutes. Hopefully we can have a more leisurely second visit with my brother before we leave Cairo.

We stopped for a snack and a drink and Naomi seemed to rally, so in the cooler, late afternoon we went for a felucca ride. We all thoroughly enjoyed an hour sailing on the Nile. After the hustle and bustle of the city, it is very relaxing and quiet to cruise on the river.

There were still a couple of items that we wanted to buy and Steven had a hunch that we might get them at Carrefour so we hopped in a taxi and headed there. It had a play area so that was the girls happy! Dinner, shopping, playing, back to the hotel and so concluded another day in Cairo.

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