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Friday 15th June - Egypt - Cairo (Day 5)
Egypt is an Islamic country and Cairo is an Islamic city. We have been in many Islamic areas in our travels so far and we are getting used to hearing the muezzin (or singing man as Keziah calls him) and seeing minarets (singing man towers). Friday is the Muslim day of prayer and a day off for many so, rather than meeting on a Sunday, the Christian minority often meet on a Friday.

Steven lived in Cairo for 2 years, so today we went with him to the English-speaking church that he attended here. It was good to be there.

After church we went round to Steves flat Steve stayed there when he lived in Cairo and is staying there again now for his visit back here. We had a lunch of Koshary with Steve and his flatmates. Koshary is an Egyptian dish of pasta, onions, lentils, chick peas. It was very tasty. While at the flat Andrew flicked through an ex-pat magazine and noticed an advert for Egypt Desert 4x4. Were going to get in touch with them to see if they can service the car before we leave Cairo.

This evening we decided to go to Cairo circus - just a short taxi trip from our hotel. It turned out to be a great evenings entertainment. We had front row seats for E

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