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Sunday 17th June - Egypt - Cairo (Day 7)
Last night I waited with the kids while Andrew drove through Cairo, first to Heliopolis to collect Steve (as a helpful navigator) and then on to the airport to get Willie. Willie and Andrew arrived back at the hotel about 2am. It was really great to see Willie and we sat up speaking till about 3 not such a good idea when you have a two year old who habitually rises before 7.

Todays main goal was to secure visas for Ethiopia and Sudan. Andrew had visited the Ethiopian embassy on Thursday morning and had left our passports there to be processed. We had also collected our letter of recommendation from the British Embassy for our Sudanese visas. So first thing today Andrew took a taxi to the Ethiopian Embassy, collected the passports, complete with visas, and returned to the hotel, all within half an hour. Buoyed up with optimism, we then decided to go to the Sudanese Embassy en-masse. We had heard that some people got visas for Sudan within an hour, but things were very busy when we were there. Theres only so many games you can dream up when in a crowded waiting area so after about an hour and a half, I suggested that I took the girls off to Arcadia mall for a return visit to the play area while Andrew and Willie waited for the visas.

It took about 3 hours to get the visas. Meanwhile, at the shopping centre Keziah got very whiney and hot, complained of a sore head and sore neck, didnt want lunch and didnt want to play. Unfortunately her medicine was in the bag which I had left with Andrew, so I visited a pharmacist to get more and then got a taxi back to the hotel. It all felt very stressful one kid bouncing with excitement and wanting to play, the other crying and wanting hugs. Anyway, both girls slept, Keziahs temperature came down with the aid of the medicines from the pharmacy and I had a coffee and some chocolate in the hotel room while I waited for the guys to get back. (I always feel better after a coffee and some chocolate!)

In the evening we went out with Steve and Willie to a great little Italian restaurant, just round the corner from the hotel. Steve leaves for Alexandria tomorrow, so we wont be seeing him again in Cairo. Thanks so much for everything Steve, it was just great to have your company, your Arabic knowledge and your travel tips!

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