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Wednesday 20th June - Egypt - Luxor
Upstairs on the Dahabiyya was a restaurant deck which was set up for a childs party on the evening we arrived. Kids party times are obviously not the same here as back home. In bed we could hear the sound of footsteps running back and fore upstairs. By about 1.30am I gave up on the idea of sleeping and went out to see what was going on. There were kids of all ages running around or eating ice cream, adults chatting and smoking and some even eating their evening meal. I suppose when the weather is so hot it makes some sense to party later.

The journey to Luxor started well with good roads and happy children. The police at one checkpoint were very amused by the reversing camera taking turns to go to the back of the car and wave. From there we were escorted by a police pickup to the outskirts of the town - our first convoy. We were then passed on from one convoy to the next, like the baton in a relay race. Usually the convoy consisted of a single vehicle, a pickup with 4 policemen in it that drove in front of us irritatingly slowly (30-40mph). On one stretch we had two police cars, one ahead and the other behind. We had a chain of 13 convoys in all, finally being set free on the open road for the final 2 hours of driving. Potty stops while in a convoy are interesting 4 armed men standing around waiting for a 2 year old girl to do her thing!

We got to Luxor after 8 hours way longer than we had expected it to. We left Minya about 11am and arrived in Luxor about 7pm. In that whole time we only stopped for a couple of potty-stops and to wait for our convoy to turn up. The girls were unbelievably good. Now that we have 5 people in the car, I sit in the middle of the back seat, trying to keep the girls spirits up by any means possible!

We booked into Rezeiky Camp in Luxor where we had a quick dip in the pool and set up our tent.

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