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Thursday 21st June - Egypt - Luxor (Day 2)
Last night was the first night that we had 5 people sleeping in the rooftent. It was OK, but hot and disrupted by barking dogs and tone-deaf muezzins. Apparently the muezzins in Cairo now must be able to sing, but this is obviously not part of the job description in Luxor.

There are many things to be seen around Luxor, but we chose one Karnak temple. We walked to the temple in the morning and then spent a couple of hours looking around it. It is wonderful, and so big that the overriding impression is of just how small you are - you feel like a little ant. That was, no-doubt, the intention when the place was built. The shady hypostyle hall has 134 giant pillars covered in hieroglyphs, which in some places still show their original colours. The hall played a starring role in the film of the Agatha Christie book Death on the Nile. Another, less well-known thing about the hypostyle hall is that it is a great place to play monsters and hide-and-seek.

At lunch after the temple, Keziahs temperature soared again. Her temperature has been going up and down since Saturday. Weve been giving her medicine which takes her temperature down, but after a few hours its back up again. She seems happy and well otherwise, but we thought it best to get her checked out. So - we took her to the International Hospital this afternoon to see a doctor and we also phoned our medical friend, Andrew Palombo, from back home to have a chat. We are now armed with an antibiotic and we are reassured from our conversations that we neednt worry too much. Thanks Andrew P for your advice and for allowing us to interrupt you!

This afternoon we sorted out a couple of other things filling the water tank in the car and organising to get our gas cylinder topped up.

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