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Friday 22nd June - Egypt - Aswan
For the drive to Aswan tourists must join a tourist convoy there are 3 that leave each day, at 7, 11 and 3pm.

We went for the 11am one and found ourselves in a convoy of just a few cars with a couple of police vehicles. This time the convoy was a good thing we travelled at a reasonable speed and we didnt have to stop for any checkpoints. It took us a mere 3.5 hours to reach Aswan.

We are aware that we have some hard days of travelling ahead of us. On Monday we board the ferry to Sudan and then we expect to have about a week of long days and rough camping. So in that knowledge, we booked ourselves into a nice hotel with a swimming pool for the next 3 nights.

From what we have seen of Aswan so far it looks very picturesque white-sailed feluccas gliding past beautiful green islands. We have a couple of days to spend here doing a little sight-seeing but also finalising things for going to Sudan.

Today was the first day in the last week that Keziahs temperature remained normal all day. Whayhay!

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